Payroll & Human Capital Management Solutions with Integrated Workers’ Compensation & Benefits for Small to Mid-Size Businesses.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Reduce paperwork, cost and time managing complex benefits packages. This includes ACA, COBRA, FSA, HSA, HRA, leave of absence, retiring premium billing and more.

Empower Your People

Employees can participate in online benefits enrollment at work or home. Additionally, they can self-manage their personal information, view benefits statements and access their plan information from wherever they want, whenever they want.

Focus On People, Not Processes

Define benefit enrollment for new hires, open enrollment periods and qualifying events. This opens the way for your staff to stay focused on people, not processes or logistics.


Benefits Wizard

Use the Benefits Enrollment Wizard for an accurate and streamlined enrollment process. This paperless environment eliminates the need for printed documents, manual enrollments and postage.

Benefits Automation

Eliminate manual reconciliation of benefits standard costs and quickly determine benefits eligibility based on pre-determined criteria. Above all, automate the process of matching employees to best-fit plans.

Benefits Reporting

Administrators have access to 600+ reports that deliver comprehensive information about your organization’s benefit packages and employee elections.

Benefit Management Administrator View

Open Enrollment

Build an Open Enrollment Selection record for each enrollment type per Company Code. These include Open Enrollment, Status Change Enrollment and New Hire Enrollment.

Automated System Notifications

Set up automated notifications for all employees, including new hires and off-site email addresses.

Benefit Management Administrator View

Online Enrollment

The online benefit enrollment is available to the Employee Enterprise role. Access is controlled by the menu item, dates of an enrollment and whether or not an employee has a pending enrollment or qualifying life change.

Benefit Approval

Once reviewed, the employee will need to finalize their selections. Here they can see their new total for pre- and post-tax deductions.